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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions about purchasing and owning one of our high value portable buildings? We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions for fast access. If you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out via the Urban Shed Concepts contact page.

I want to place an awesome Urban Shed Concepts portable building right next to my house, can you match the paint and shingle colors?
Indeed. Just bring in the colors you want us to match and we will do our best. Shingles can vary and paints can fade, but we can generally get it very close. There is an additional fee assessed for custom colors.

Do you offer delivery? How much does it cost?
Yes! Delivery is free if you are within 30 miles of a dealer. After 30 miles there is an additional mileage fee that varies with building width. The delivery also includes installation and setup if room on your property permits. Ask your dealer for more information.

I don’t have an RV gate on my property, can I still put one of your buildings in my back yard?
Yes – we offer two options, we can use a crane to place your building (size restrictions) or in some cases we can build your building on site. There is an additional fee for either of these options – please see your local dealer for more information.

Do I need to do anything to get my yard ready for my incredibly cool Urban Shed Concepts portable building?
Probably nothing more than you would expect: the location picked out, a clean location AND a clean path to the location, trimmed vegetation, and a nice cold drink for our delivery guy! =) For a building to be covered under warranty, we require a level and compact pad with adequate drainage.

If I buy a building, how long do I have to wait before you deliver it?
It primarily depends on how busy we are and our current lead times. Your order form will include an Estimated Period of Delivery at the time of purchase.

I love the building I purchased from you – it is fantastic, but how come my portable building doesn’t look exactly like the pictures on your site?
Unfortunately, we can’t always control the building material availability, so there can be slight variations in building appearances.

How long will my super sweet Urban Shed Concepts portable building last?
All of our portable buildings are crafted with premium construction materials and utmost attention to detail. Materials have manufacturer warranties of between 30 and 50 years and we warranty our buildings to be free of defects in workmanship for 10 years from the time of purchase if your building is set on a level and compact pad. With reasonable maintenance, our buildings will provide years of dependable service.